Home food delivery is now very widely used and it can be made better with innovative problem-solving. NANA bike simplifies the work of food delivery personnel with its specialized design and construction.

Armored - SPV

Modern personal and corporate security concerns have raised to inordinate level due to the necessity of defeating actual and potential threats of crime and terrorism. Armored cars take safety and security to another level, while offering comfortable and highly designed security and transportation solutions .


Press-Q is a hand-held device for the treatment of anaphylaxis, a reimagining of the EpiPen with a unique form factor. Unlike most epeneprine syringes, Press-Q eliminates accidental or incorrect use, reducing the risk of death from severe allergic reactions.


Nutricco’s unique system utilizes user-supplied data to dispense food supplements based on the user’s eating habits. One Nutricco can be used by the whole household and can regulate the unique nutritional intake of each family member.


Gombi is a quite small object hence part of its inner details were made with micro plastic molding technology. There are two independent shock-absorbing systems inside the product which protect electronics from lots of unpreventable falls during the game.


Diabetics have to test their blood sugar regularly, meaning that painful and unpleasant finger pricks are a regular part of their routine. Glucocheck offers a unique solution to this problem. The device cools the tip of the finger just before needle insertion, making routing blood tests easy and painless.

Origin panther 5

Origin’s ventilation system is a lifesaving device at the pinnacle of technology in modern medicine. Its strong aesthetics, compact size, unparalleled performance, ease of use, and low production cost make it a leader in the market.


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