A board that optimizes work on the construction site.

A0-Board is a practical mobile solution that empowers architects, foremen, and other workers in the construction industry to effortlessly access and utilize construction drawings directly on the job site, streamlining their workflow and enhancing collaboration.

Design Goals

A0-Board is a mobile, metal board designed for construction workers to conveniently use and store their drawings on-site. It has special mounts for holding drawings and large wheels with stoppers for easy mobility and safety. A0-Board also features spacious compartments for drawings and tools, and can be easily moved using a crane with specially designed holes.

Technology and Materials

A0-Board is a durable mobile board made from sheet metal, standard rectangular profiles, and pre-made elements like wheels, magnets, and holders. It is coated with a high-quality corrosion-resistant material, extending its lifespan. The components of A0-Board are securely assembled using rivets, resulting in a sturdy and reliable construction.



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