Armored - SPV

Owner: C.S. LTD.

Armored vehicle for personnel evacuation

Modern personal and corporate security concerns have raised to inordinate level due to the necessity of defeating actual and potential threats of crime and terrorism. Armored cars take safety and security to another level, while offering comfortable and highly designed security and transportation solutions .

Design Goals

One can clearly appreciate the secureness, increased cross-country ability and comfort of vehicle from the first glance. In difficult unsafe situations these vehicle qualities give confidence in achieving successful evacuation or transportation mission.

Technology and Materials

Thick metal plating of armor level B7, used in this car, is made to withstand bullet shots of 7.62 mm caliber and detonation of two fragmentation grenades. The car is suitable for up to eight riders and a place for a stretcher inside, and has additional platforms for riders on the outside.



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