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The Ideal Automatic Epeneprine Syringe

Press-Q is a hand-held device for the treatment of anaphylaxis, a reimagining of the EpiPen with a unique form factor. Unlike most epeneprine syringes, Press-Q eliminates accidental or incorrect use, reducing the risk of death from severe allergic reactions.

Design Goals

Press-Q’s form compels correct use of the device. Each of its features serve aesthetic as well as practical purposes. The rubber and the indentations keep the product from slipping during use, and its compact size make it easy to carry in a purse or even a pocket.

Technology and Materials

The Press-Q is an extraordinarily complex yet simple mechanism that performs a very important function for health. It is worth noting that all materials used strictly comply with all medical standards, while the unique patent of the syringe provides the product not only with perfect performance but solves the problem of counterfeiting.



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