The little button that tosses the world around!

Discover endless fun with Gombi! This colorful, compact wonder counts rotations in mid-air and displays the results on its digital screen. Ideal for playdates or at-home adventures, it's the perfect blend of entertainment and education for kids. Play with it and watch the magic of numbers come to life!

Design Goals

Gombi is designed with simple geometric shapes to keep high focus on game process. Bright colors highlight important spots: score window and option button, and make Gombi's flips more colorful and fun as well .Grip pattern was designed from scratch to give a feel of high fall resistance and object protection.

Technology and Materials

For the purposes of comfort, durability and low price, Nana-bike combines technologically advanced electronics, motor, and battery with classic techniques such as profile bending and welding and non-standard solutions such as frame sheathing.



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